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Think Tank-a-Thons


A Fresh Look at Challenges Faced by Nonprofits

Quarterly mastermind session coming alongside two nonprofit partner organizations

SVP Think Tank-a-Thons are a chance for active Nonprofit Partners / Fast Pitch Alumni to share a BIG challenge or opportunity they face with a network of SVP Partners. Partners and prospective partners come together for a fun and social evening while using a structured design thinking process to generate ideas that could solve the nonprofit issue. It’s a great way to build connections and gain unique insights from different vantage points. 

None of us have all the answers. But together, we likely have most of them. 

How SVP Think Tank-a-Thons Work


  • Kick off with appetizers & drinks for attendees

  • Two SVP Fast Pitch alumni organizations prepare problem statements around a big issue or opportunity they are currently facing

  • Investees have a quick pitch that explains their organization and the problem they are trying to solve – we could use the ‘quick pitch’ or could use the SVP Fast Pitch videos to introduce the orgs we select

  • Facilitator and scribe for each group

  • Partners break into two groups, one per nonprofit, and begin to brainstorm solutions to the problem raised by the Investee

  • Switch groups after 30 minutes to allow all attendees to work on both problems

  • Networking time before and after the brainstorming session(s)

Team Meeting

Want to Particpate in a
SVP Think Tank-a-Thon?

We're planning to hold a few SVP Think Tank events annually. Any of our Fast Pitch Alumni organizations may apply to participate. We also invite all SVP Partners and prospective partners!

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