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Social Venture Partners

The Next Generation of Venture Philanthropy

Social Venture Partners is a philanthropic network, but we do more than give away money. SVP helps those out to do good, do better – bringing together donors, nonprofits and social enterprises so we can make a greater collective impact.


We UNITE the collective power of nonprofits and philanthropic changemakers to ACCELERATE community IMPACT in the Greater Sacramento region.

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Our Guiding Principles

Philanthropic Education

Partners educate themselves and become informed, effective, lifetime philanthropists. Ongoing individual philanthropy is catalyzed through hands-on experience and education.

Mutual Respect

Partners respect the expertise of community nonprofit organizations. They form close working relationships with organizations where Social Venture Partners are mutually vested in the nonprofit’s success.


Partners use innovative approaches to achieve leveraged results in their nonprofit partnerships and communities. They delegate decisions, resources, and authority to those closest to the work.

Accountability and Results

Partners are mutually accountable to each other, their nonprofit investees (grant recipients) and community. They achieve and document measurable results, both in their own work and through their nonprofit partnerships.

Engaged Venture Philanthropy

SVP Partners invest time, expertise and money in nonprofits. They seek collaborative relationships with nonprofits that last.

Community and Collaborative Action

Partners believe in the power of collective, multi-stakeholder effort. They encourage and maintain highly participatory, Partner-driven organizations that use non-hierarchical communications and operating practices. SVPs support an open exchange of knowledge and lessons learned.

What is Social Venture Partners? 

Social Venture Partners Sacramento is a community of philanthropists and social impact leaders who work together to create positive change in the Sacramento region. The organization aims to promote social innovation and support the growth of local nonprofits and social enterprises that are working to address important issues such as education, health, and environmental sustainability.

SVP Sacramento members make financial contributions to the organization and also contribute their time and expertise to help support the growth and success of local non-profits. This may involve providing strategic planning and management consulting services, connecting non-profits with resources and networks, or participating in volunteer projects.

In addition to its work with nonprofits, SVP Sacramento also hosts events and educational programming to bring together members of the community and promote social innovation. These events may include workshops, panels, and networking events focused on topics such as philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, and community development.

Overall, Social Venture Partners Sacramento is a dynamic and forward-thinking organization that is dedicated to creating positive change in the Sacramento region through philanthropy, social innovation, and community engagement.


Social Venture Partners of Sacramento is a 501(c)3 California nonprofit corporation.

We Take an Investment Approach to Philanthropy

SVP Sacramento Founders


Jack Crawford


General Partner, Impact Venture Capital


Tom Kandris

Founding Partner

Founder, PackageOne


John Finegan

Founding Partner

Founder, Beck Ag

Meet the Board and Join Our Community

A Global Philanthropic Community

SVP Sacramento is one of over 40 affiliates of Social Venture Partners International. SVPI brings together individual donors, foundations, and regional affiliates who want to invest in progressive change on a global scale.

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