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SVP 5T Commitment

What Does It Mean To Be A Social Venture Partner?

Social Venture Partners are local philanthropists - Greater Sacramento community members who believe in a better future for our region. Through generosity with our Time, Talent, Treasure, Testimony, and Ties - we strive to make a difference.  


We're Building Regional Nonprofit Capacity Through a Community of Generosity.

Our SVP 5T Commitment

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The Five T's—Time, Talent, Treasure, Testimony, and Ties—serve as a strategic framework for enhancing nonprofit capacity and impact. Each of us can share unique resources and make contributions can be leveraged to support and strengthen the nonprofit sector in our region.

We ask each of our partners at Social Venture Partners to commitment to being generous with each of the 5Ts.


  • Involves the commitment of individuals to engage with, learn about, and volunteer time within nonprofit organizations.

  • Volunteers can contribute to program implementation, administrative tasks, and community outreach, effectively expanding the organization's reach and impact.

  • Time investment fosters a sense of community engagement and builds a dedicated network of supporters.



  • Refers to the unique skills, expertise, and knowledge that individuals possess and can contribute to the nonprofit's mission.

  • Encourages professionals to offer their specialized skills, such as marketing, finance, or technology, to address specific challenges faced by the organization.

  • Leveraging diverse talents enhances organizational capabilities, leading to increased efficiency and effectiveness.



  • Encompasses financial contributions and fundraising efforts to secure the necessary resources for the nonprofit's operations and programs.

  • Donations and grants provide the financial foundation needed for sustained impact, enabling the organization to invest in infrastructure, staff, and program development.

  • Building a diverse funding base ensures stability and resilience in the face of economic challenges.



  • Involves individuals sharing their personal experiences and stories related to the nonprofit's impact.

  • Personal testimonials serve as powerful advocacy tools, creating awareness and inspiring others to engage with the organization.

  • Sharing success stories builds credibility and trust, attracting more support from the community and potential stakeholders.



  • Focuses on building and maintaining strong relationships with key stakeholders, including community members, businesses, government entities, and other nonprofits.

  • Collaborative partnerships amplify the organization's reach and influence, fostering a collective approach to addressing social issues.

  • Networking and alliances create a supportive ecosystem, allowing nonprofits to access additional resources, knowledge, and opportunities.


By strategically integrating the Five T's, nonprofits can harness a holistic approach to capacity-building and impact creation. This comprehensive framework recognizes the multifaceted nature of support needed for nonprofits to thrive and make a lasting difference in their communities.

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