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ED Peer Groups

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Support Group Meeting

Peer Groups for Nonprofit Leaders

Communities of practice with 8-10 nonprofit Executive Directors/CEOs in peer leadership coaching groups facilitated by a Certified SVP Partner Coach. Leading an organization is challenging and no one is meant to go it alone. 

We're launching ED Peer Groups soon, and beginning by capturing interest.

Certified SVP Partner Coaches Facilitate Peer Coaching Groups for Nonprofit Leaders

Let's Invest in our social impact leaders!

Strengthen Individual Nonprofit Leaders


Enhance Organizational Capacity


More Connected Social Impact Ecosystem


We need to invest in our leaders so that they can invest into our communities. Community is critical for us to thrive. All executive leaders, whether for-profit or for-purpose, need peers who understand the challenges and dynamics of a demanding role. Traditional executive coaching can be a big investment for a nonprofit organization. 


If we can bring together groups of nonprofit leaders for regular connection and leadership support, it will Strengthen Individual Nonprofit Leaders, Enhance Organizational Capacity, and create a More Connected Social Impact Ecosystem.

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Online work meeting

What are ED Peer Groups?

Peer coaching leverages the knowledge and talents of a group of trusted professionals with the impact of coaching. There is a lot of knowledge in the room when you bring together 8-10 leaders alongside an SVP Partner Coach. No one person has all of the answers, but together we have most of them. SVP Partners are business and community professionals with extensive leadership experience and they bring a unique outside perspective to join the nonprofit leaders in a conversation that is rich and effective. 


  • Facilitated by Certified SVP Partner Coach

  • Groups of 8-10 nonprofit leaders 

  • 9-month peer coaching groups 

  • Monthly in-person or zoom group session (1-2 hours each month) 

Take Your Social Impact Leadership
to the Next Level

Nonprofit Requirements to Participate 
  • Minimum two years experience in an executive role

  • Managing a team of at least 10 volunteers or employees 

  • For nonprofit executives (ED, CEO) who desire accountability and connection

  • Willing to prioritize in-person sessions - committing to attend all monthly sessions 

  • Support from organization’s board of directors is important 

  • Sign Coaching Engagement Agreement

Monthly Session Format

Quick Individual Updates & Accountability

Each organization is allotted 10 minutes to provide an update on their organizational opportunities/challenges, how they’re doing as a leader, and update the group on goals set at the last session.

Hot Seat - Two Organizations/Session

Two organizations each prepare ahead of time to present a significant challenge or opportunity for the group to process together. This is a very efficient time to gain specific practical inputs about present issues or future aspirational goals.

Set Individual Goals for Next Session

An important aspect of peer coaching is accountability. Each session will end with a goal setting exercise to provide an opportunity for mutual support and measured progress.

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