Since its inception in 2008, Social Venture Partners Sacramento has united the power of the business community with the passion of the nonprofit world. SVP Sacramento is a growing community of engaged venture philanthropists, united by the common goal of providing every child in the Greater Sacramento region with an excellent education.

Our mission is to advance excellence in education for children throughout the Greater Sacramento Region by investing and engaging with nonprofits.


Leveraged Impact

SVP Sacramento Partners identify the power of numbers in creating sustainable funding. An annual ‘investment’ of unrestricted funding through a venture capital approach provides a foundation for sustainable funding.

Sustainable funding is only the foundation for scaled impact. Our SVP Partners leverage every dollar ‘invested’ through capacity building support which entails building out the back-office of our ‘Investees’. We provide support in establishing business processes, organizational structures, partnerships, board governance, and more.


avg. Indvidual Contributions



Unrestricted Grant Funding



Leveraged Impact and follow-on Funding