SVP Sacramento

Since 2008, SVP Sacramento has united the power of the business community with the passion of the nonprofit world. We are a growing community of engaged venture philanthropists, united by a common goal.

Our mission is to invest in and engage with nonprofits to ensure all students in the Greater Sacramento Region are on a clear pathway to economic security and success.

We focus on improving the outcome areas of Literacy, STEM/Digital Fluency, and Workforce Readiness to realize this impact. We recognize a holistic solution is necessary and work alongside other community partners to create collaborative solutions.

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How venture philanthropists are helping to build nonprofit capacity.


Leveraged Impact

SVP Sacramento Partners identify the power of numbers in creating sustainable funding. An annual ‘investment’ of unrestricted funding through a venture capital approach provides a foundation for sustainable funding.

Sustainable funding is only the foundation for scaled impact. Our SVP Partners leverage every dollar ‘invested’ through capacity building support which entails building out the back-office of our community partners. We provide support in establishing business processes, organizational structures, partnerships, board governance, and more.


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Unrestricted Grant Funding



Leveraged Impact and follow-on Funding