Innovative Pathways to Public Service - Leadership Summit


Innovative Paths to Public Service (IPPS) has not only launched pilots and initiatives but now has the attention of community stakeholders and decision makers at a recent IPPS summit. A Collation of the willing and passionate work of individuals has come together to forge a conversation about the opportunities of the public service job market. The need to up-skill current public sector employees and attract highly skilled community members to work within the public sector is important work that many times goes overlook. We need community members and our youth to be aware of the opportunities that public sector jobs offer but not only that we need a public sector workforce that is reflective of our diverse communities.

We were excited to have our executive director, Cameron Law, in attendance with SVP Partner, Blaine Smith. The two of them both serve on the IPPS Leadership team and are passionate about expanding pathways into the public sector as well as breaking down barrier in diversifying its workforce.

The summit was filled with an immense amount of information which was shared through a variety of presentations. The program was emceed by Erica Manuel the executive director of the Institute for Local Governments. She kept the close to 250 attendees engaged by keeping us on time and on track. The event program went as such:

  • Networking and Registration

  • Welcome

  • State-Level Perspective on Public Sector: Sonya Logman, Deputy Cabinet Secretary, Office of Governor Gavin Newsom

  • Public Sector Workforce Report: Aaron Wilcher & Fran Doherty, Center of Excellence at Los Rios Community College School District

  • Public Sector Employer Panel:

    • Adria Jenkins-Jones, Chief Deputy Director, CA Dept. of Human Resources

    • Leyne Milstein, Asst. City Manager, City of Sacramento

    • Kyle Packham, Advocacy & Public Affairs Director, California Special Districts Association

    • Kate Sampson, Director of Human Resources, County of Placer

  • Spotlight on Youth

  • What’s next for IPPS

Special shoutout to Randi Kay Stephens for her leadership in bringing this event to life and being a passionate advocate for public sector work.

Screenshot 2019-08-29 20.20.33.png
Cameron Law