SVP Think Tank a Thon: SRBX Education Foundation & Junior Achievement


We were thrilled to have a collection of SVP board members, SVP partners, business leaders, and community leaders, all together for our Q’3 Think Tank a Thon. We were excited to support Junior Achievement and SRBX Education Foundation in this session. Our venue sponsor and partner was Golden 1 Credit Union as they provided space at their Learning and Development Center. We were very fortunate to have their center as an ideal location for this event, as well as their insight and financial expertise for our participants. 

What was most unique about this session, was the nature of the challenge statements for both organizations participating. Both SRBX Education Foundation and Junior Achievement focused on addressing challenges around their market place and the perception/stigmas around construction pathways and financial literacy. In the session, our participants strategized and recommended ways for these organizations to approach marketing and conveying the value of their programs and services. One recommendation that stood out was in the SRBX Education Foundation group when someone suggested that a solution to ensuring students that are interested in the field continue on even when met with parents saying this is not the pathway for you is to properly empower them to speak to the return on investment for this career path.

In this session we used an issues processing methodology in guiding the conversation around these challenge statements. This process used a round table style of question-asking to drill down to the root cause problem the two organizations were trying to solve. We gained additional insight by asking:

  • Why is this important?

  • What is your desired outcome?

  • What else do we need to know?

  • What have you tried?

  • What help do you want?

This process was then followed by our participants using the answers and insights they had gained to make recommendations on how the nonprofit could tangibly address the problem they are facing.

We look forward to seeing some of the recommendations come to fruition as well as the impact that will ensue from them addressing these challenges. A special thank you to Joyce Hettrich and Monique Brown, our Think Tank-a-Thon committee members, for facilitating these discussions.

Author: Hannah Peskin - Impact Fellow, SVP Sacramento

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SRBX Education Foundation:

Jordan Blair and Katie Carbone

Facilitator - Joyce Hettrich

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Junior Achievement of Sacramento:

Susan Nelson and Hasani Johnson

Facilitator - Monique Brown

Cameron Law