Sierra Nevada Journeys GEO Academy Workforce Development Camp


Sierra Nevada Journeys (SNJ), in partnership with Social Venture Partners of Sacramento, Higher Education, Water and Forestry industries, and the Grant Union High School GEO Academy, will deliver an innovative environmental science workforce development and career exploration camp program to Grant Union High School students.

Together, our partners will directly connect students to local higher education and industry representatives during an unforgettable three-day/two-night educational camp in the Sierra Mountains to 1) expose students to future careers within environmental industries; 2) provide students with the educational pathways necessary to attain those careers; and 3) connect students to local organizations within the water, forestry and environmental industries who will provide internship opportunities.

This program is set to launch in November of 2019, and continue to grow and expand our successes in future years, building a long-term partnership with the GEO Academy’s exciting leadership.


Finding opportunities for a successful careers pertaining to natural resources is difficult. We provide students a promising start and foundation to move forward into relevant occupational fields in living wage jobs being vacated through succession.  An integral component is introducing pathways and benefits to continuing their education after high school. The program offers multiple touch points with higher education to provide students with information on degrees and certificates through the Los Rios Community College and CSU Sacramento. 

During the camp, industry representatives mentor students and provide opportunities for local summer internships, encouraging students to stay local for positions in the water, forestry and environmental sectors. Ultimately, students can go into county and municipal water agencies state departments like the Environmental Protection Agency and CA Natural Resources Agency, including the Department of Fire and Forestry, CA State Parks, CA Water Resources, as well as many private sector engineering and construction companies.

At the heart of the Camp, we strive to be the catalyst to getting students into internships and educational pathways for certifications or degrees through our partnerships direct contact with local representatives. Ultimately, these talented students will fill local jobs as water system operators, field technicians, machine operators, planning coordinators, project managers, and computer system operators. Success stories from these students could inspire other students from Grant High School and further bolster the GEO Academy program.


  • Sierra Nevada Journeys

  • SVP Sacramento

  • Los Rios Community College

  • Sacramento State University

  • County of Sacramento

  • California Forestry Association

  • American Water Works Association

  • California Natural Resources Agency

  • California Environmental Protection Agency (CA EPA)

If you are interested in supporting this effort please contact our executive director Cameron Law at We would love to have your support!

Cameron Law