Sacramento County Literacy Day Resolution


City of Sacramento - Resolution

Recognizing Literacy Day for Building a Literacy Movement in the City of Sacramento

Whereas, September is National Reading Month and September 8th is International Literacy Day; and

Whereas, reading and writing are fundamental tools needed to participate fully in our country’s democracy; and

Whereas, reading and writing are essential to accessing new skills in a continuously changing technical and service-oriented economy; and

Whereas, literacy is an equity issue affecting 3 out of 5 Sacramento County children who are not reading at grade-level and face greater barriers to higher education and career development; and

Whereas, children who do not read on grade-level by fourth grade are 4 to 6 times more likely to drop out of high school; and

Whereas, elected officials, nonprofit organizations, schools, and businesses have been working together to make literacy a community-wide value, and civil right, and

Whereas, Sacramento has all the ingredients to be a leader in literacy and a thriving, growing, learning community is a community of readers and writers.

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved, by the Mayor and City Council of Sacramento that we do hereby proclaim September 8th as Sacramento Literacy Day in this City, and urge Sacramento residents and civic organizations to read, donate time and resources, and volunteer to create a culture of literacy for all members of the community.

Issued: This 23rd day of July 2019

Thank you to the leadership of the Sacramento Public Library Foundation and specifically April Javist for steering this effort and realizing this resolution. Be sure to register for the Walk for Literacy on Oct. 26th!

Cameron Law