Innovative Pathways to Public Service - July 2019 Update


Innovative Pathways to Public Service (IPPS) held a meeting this month to continue planning for the Leadership Summit being held on Thursday, August 29th from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm at the Library Galleria.

A number of local organizations gathered to discuss their efforts in reaching the goal of IPPS, which is to get more young adults into the public sector:

  • SMUD hired 50 high school and college students for internships within the public sector

  • Sacramento State is providing career mentoring between their alumni and current students

  • Placer County held a successful Youth in Government Day

  • Folsom Lake College is offering college courses for high school students, and they are moving forward with their certification for public management

  • Other organizations continue to promote the Leadership Summit and bring awareness to IPPS via newsletters and other marketing mediums

Aaron Wilcher of the Center of Excellence will be presenting a report on the state of the public sector at the Leadership Summit in August. This report shows the prevalence of public sector jobs in our community, as well as detailed information regarding the availability of jobs within several common industries of the public sector.

Key Takeaways from the report:

  • 24% of jobs within Sacramento are in the public sector (217,000 jobs)

  • 7 industry sectors with the most significant shares in the public sector are:

    • Utilities

    • Health Care and Social Assistance

    • Educational Services

    • Transportation and Warehousing

    • Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

    • Information

    • Public Administration

  • The most common industries for employment are Educational Services and Public Administration, respectively

If you are interested in working with IPPS, please visit our website here ( Additionally, if you are looking to learn more about employment within the public sector, join us at the Leadership Summit on August 29th.

Cameron Law