"Write Like a Boss" - 916 Ink and Neighborhood Wellness Partnership


On Wednesday, June 5th, we were excited to celebrate a successful pilot program and partnership between 916 Ink and Neighborhood Wellness Foundation with their young author’s book release party. This effort was a collective effort, which was seeded back in October when 916 Ink, Neighborhood Wellness Foundation, SVP Sacramento, and Arata Brothers Trust (SVP Partners) came together to discuss how we wanted to address improving literacy at Grant High School.

We are thrilled with the authentic and genuine partnership that has been built amongst all of these partners and has resulted in unlocking the youth’s voice. The program at its peak saw over 50 students attending the workshops while providing many dosages of writing workshops and literacy support to youth at Grant High School. The partnership between 916 Ink and Neighborhood Wellness Foundation was a crucial piece as it created a safe space for the students to learn while in turn capitalizing on the safe space to unlock their powerful voices through creative writing.

This collective effort was recognized by the City of Sacramento’s City Council on Tuesday, the 25th of June and we look forward to continuing this impactful work. If you are interested in getting a copy of the youth’s work, “Write Like A Boss”, or are interested in being involved in this work please reach out to Cameron@SVPSacramento.org.

Cameron Law