College Track and ESM Prep Partner!


As of this summer ESM Prep (SVP Partner) will be partnering with College Track an SVP Community Partner, a program dedicated to empowering first-generation students on their journey to —and through— 4 year institutions. Through this partnership, ESM employees will be met with opportunities to volunteer their time with College Track students, aiding with both counseling and test prep. 

One of the major asks of our College Track partners was assistance with the application essay writing process. ESM employees who are comfortable with the writing and editing process may contact her to volunteer their skills both in person as well as over zoom and google docs. They're also partnering up with College Track to assist with ACT preparation. They have options to meet with students at the Sacramento College Track office or online via Zoom, so even those who are not in Sacramento and would like to provide skills-based volunteerism are encouraged to support.

Last Thursday, College Track invited them to witness their Launch to College graduation ceremony for the class of 2019 (the second graduating class of College Track Sacramento). The stories shared by mentors and students alike were nothing short of awe inspiring, and they look forward to helping them carry out their mission of societal change and youth empowerment.

Guest Author: Rebecca Hammer - College Coach at ESM Prep

Cameron Law