State of CA - Literacy Working Group


Over the months of May and June, our executive director, Cameron Law, has joined a statewide effort in supporting the State Superintendent of Public Instruction in developing long and short-term goals around literacy.

The process began with an application to apply for a specific work group related to public instruction where he got selected to work in the literacy space. After being selected for this work group the working group had two virtual conversation and one full-day in person session at the Yolo County Office of Education.

In the first virtual session, the working group focused on identifying priority areas in which the Superintendent should focus in increasing literacy across the state. The six priority areas we discussed were:

  1. Access and Equity

  2. Awareness and Understanding

  3. Parents

  4. Teacher Efficacy and Mindset

  5. Systems

  6. Growth

The next session was in person and 30 to 40 individuals from across the state as well as from a variety of disciplines (educators, administrators, nonprofits, and other education support organizations). In this session, we worked through various facilitations to identify a long-term goal as well as some short-term goals that would allow us to achieve the bigger end goal. As a group, the common theme around the long-term goal was a fundamental value shift on literacy and the role it serves in education. The focus was to ensure literacy was at the forefront of education conversations and that it is foundational to represent ones self.

The last session was a virtual session where we worked through high-level conversations about the the synthesized goals and the marketing for a literary movement. We were excited to see a local Sacramento company, 3Fold Communications was tasked to support in this effort. We look forward to rolling out the finalized goals and marketing lines as soon as we hear.

Cameron Law