Giving USA: Sacramento's Perspective on Philanthropic Giving


On Wednesday June 26th, we partnered with CCS Fundraising and the Sacramento Region Community Foundation to run our 2nd Annual, Giving USA: A National and Sacramento Perspective panel discussion. This event was hosted at the Crocker Art Museum where 60 to 70 philanthropists, corporate donors, and fundraisers came together to discuss the release of the national philanthropic data and what that means for our region and community.

The event began with a look at the data released in the Giving USA Report, which was generated in support of the Lilly School of Philanthropy. The major takeaways from the data for us were:

  • The total size of the sector grew to $427.71 Billion but as a percentage of GDP dropped.

  • In breaking up the sector, individual giving dropped below 70% for the first time which ties into the trend we identified last year as there was an increased giving to foundations. Thus, this year there was an increased level of giving from foundations. The long term trend signals individuals will give less but foundational giving will increase.

  • Donor retention is at 50% making it challenging on the sector to deepen ties and maintain long-term planning.

  • The number of donors in the US is 56% which is continual decrease from 2000 when number of donors was around 67%.

  • There will be $8.8 Trillion passed down from Baby Boomers to Gen X and Millenials by 2027.

After running through the data, Sarah Krasin from CSS Fundraising moderated a panel discussion around the data and how it pertained to Sacramento and our surrounding region. Our panelists were:

  • Chong Porter - Associate Vice Chancellor, UC Davis

  • Chet Hewitt - President and CEO, Sierra Health Foundation

  • Dan Brunner - Civic Leader

If you are interested in next years event be sure to reach out and we will ensure you are on the list for next years session.

Cameron Law