AFP - Luncheon Funder Panel Discussion


On June 19th, our executive director, Cameron Law, sat on a panel at the Association for Fundraising Professionals California Capital Chapter’s Funders Roundtable. This was an opportunity for their membership base to hear directly from funders on how best to approach them, what they fund, and how to partner for impact.

The panel was comprised of three panelists and one moderator:

Some of the key themes identified across the panel were:

IMG_6287 (1).jpg
  • Building relationships is key in identifying organizations to work with and partner

  • Multi-year commitments was key focus for the three organizations

  • Capacity building at some level whether that be through:

    • Advocacy

    • Volunteerism

    • Skills-based Volunteerism

Some of the areas of difference:

  • Funding styles in relation to restricted and unrestricted funding

  • Proactive funding styles versus RFP based funding mechanisms

  • Investments versus sponsorships and grants

  • Measuring impact as a funder and identifying goals we seek to achieve in our investments

Cameron Law