SVP Global Summit 2019


On May 1st the SVP International affiliate network convened in Vancouver, B.C. for our 2019 Global Summit. The summit took place over three days from May 1st to the 3rd.

The Summit began with a Pre-Summit session on May 1st for SVP Staff and Board Members. In these first two sessions we discussed identity and liberatory workplaces. Thank you to SVP LA for a productive session on how to build and maintain a liberatory workplaces. Additionally, thank you to Natasha Aruliah for breaking down identity and its role in ensuring equitable practices in philanthropy.

On the evening of May 1st, the Summit “officially” kicked off with an evening plenary session where we were welcomed by Janis Campbell from the Squamish Nation as well as the Honorouable Janet Austin, Lt. Governor of British Columbia. During the plenary session our keynote speaker was Edgar Villanueva, VP at the Schott Foundation and Author of Decolonizing Wealth. He talked about philanthropy and the role it can and should play in overcoming the “dynamics of separation”.

On May 2nd, we had three breakout sessions with a multitude of information sharing to part take in. The list of sessions are below.

Session A:

  • Deepening White Allyship

  • Now What? Share Your Equity Journey & Lessons Learned

  • SVP Nonprofit Partner: Birthing Innovation at Mothers’ Milk Bank Austin

  • Leveling the Funding Playing Field: Data-Driven Outcomes

Session B:

  • Looking in the Mirror: A Conversation about Race

  • Film Screening: Failing Forward - Road to Social Impact

  • From Charity to Justice

  • Figuring: Field Notes from SVP India

  • Co-Creating Systems Change: Using Equity Centered Design

Session C:

  • Looking in the Mirror: A Conversation about Race

  • Building and Scaling Solutions with Corporate Partners

  • Roadmap for Advancing Equity as Funders/Donors

  • Impact Business, Nonprofit, and Philanthropy Platforms


In the middle of the day we had our Plenary Lunch with a keynote from Natasha Aruliah, who is an Activist & Social Justice Advisor as well as Author (book is being published soon). She spoke about Examining Our Philanthropic Identities. We concluded the day with dine arounds where we met all across Vancouver for small dinners and got to know one each other and our affiliates more intimately.

On May 3rd, the final day, we kicked off with an insightful and powerful panel on Restructuring Giving for Impact. The panelists were:

  • Mijo Lee - Executive Director of the Social Justice Fund NW

  • Puja Dhawan - Initiative Director at the NoVo Foundation

  • Henry Berman - CEO of Exponent Philanthropy

  • William Buster - Executive Vice President of St. David’s Foundation

  • Sudha Nandaopal - CEO of Social Venture Partners International (Moderator)

After the Plenary Breakfast we had our last set of breakout sessions which were comprised of:

59087133_10157672410634925_6457375976828436480_o (1).jpg
  • Growing Your Partnership

  • What is the Role of Coaching & Mentoring in Nonprofits?

  • Using Principles-Focused Evaluation to Embed Equity in Social Change Work

  • SVP Nonprofit Partner: What Photography has Taught me about Perspective, Equity & Social Change.

To conclude our 2019 SVP Global Summit we had an Armchair Conversation with john a powell, Director at the Haas Institute at UC Berkeley and Christine Margiotta, Executive Director of SVP LA. They discussed the “trauma of otherness and the hope of belonging”.

Cameron Law