SVP Partners (Arata Brothers Trust) - Decade of Philanthropy Award!


Congratulations to one of our SVP Partners, the Arata Brothers Trust, for being recognized by Reading Partners Sacramento for their commitment to literacy over the last 10 years. They received the Decade of Philanthropy Award and were recognized at the Reading Partners’ 10 Year Birthday Celebration.

Reading Partners Sacramento was SVP Sacramento’s initial investment back in 2009 in which we provided seed funding to support their expansion to Sacramento. We are excited to see that 10 years later they are still thriving and making a tremendous impact in the lives of so many youth. Reading Partners Sacramento now has 8 reading centers, 347 volunteers, 326 students, and 92% of those students are developing mastery of key foundational reading skills. Learn more about their impacts here.

We are proud to have to have the Arata Brothers Trust as SVP Partners as they demonstrate our values and approach to philanthropy as they not only support organizations financially but also steward and leverage their gifts through engagement and capacity building support. Congratulations again to the Arata Brothers Trust as it is an honor well deserved and recognition of a commitment to impact and sustainability.

Cameron Law