Literacy Movement of Sacramento County

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On Sunday, March 3rd, after the Sacramento Public Library Foundation’s Authors on the Move event, “a group of dedicated nonprofits, educators, librarians, health experts, philanthropists, policy makers, elected officials, and students” came together to discuss literacy and how we can work collectively to “accelerate the progress of grade-level literacy” throughout all of Sacramento.

The convening body was the Sacramento Public Library Foundation, which brought “David Lawerence Jr. author of A Dedicated Life and chief architect and Chairman of The Children’s Movement of Florida” to share his expertise in building a movement. His inspiration filled the room and with terrific facilitation from Cassandra Pye of 3.14 Communications we were able to begin discussing a collective movement and approach for grade-level literacy.

SVP Sacramento is proud to be at the table alongside one of its SVP Partners and co-funders in education and literacy the Arata Brothers Trust. Since March, small working groups have formed to create the foundational layers of the movement allowing us to move forward tangibly in this effort. In May, the movement will have another convening to present a report and plan, which was the tangible next step as a group.

If you are interested in engaging the Literacy Movement of Sacramento County please email our executive director, Cameron Law at

Cameron Law