Innovative Paths to Public Service - March 2019 Update


On, March 21st, the Innovative Pathways to Public Service (IPPS) collaborative convened for the third time here in 2019.

The Innovative Pathways to Public Service collaborative is:

“… a collaborative of youth and workforce development-focused organizations aligning efforts for more intentional, effective pathways into public service.”

We are committed to developing a robust public sector pipeline and engaging in challenging work and authentic dialogue to align programs and services that support public sector employment and training. Our goal is to establish Innovative Pathways to Public Service as the regional advisory body for promoting a public sector talent pipeline of diverse youth and young adults.

Innovative Pathways to Public Service (IPPS) is focused on building bridges and strengthening existing relations. Together, partners are building a new paradigm of effective, data-driven strategies for attracting, developing and retaining talent. Through creative branding/marketing, partners can inspire a sustainable culture of innovation, increase diversity and ensure government employees resemble our communities. Through a collaborative informal network, this dedicated cohort of stakeholders are champions of change in the development of and engagement with a new generation of the public sector workforce.

We are excited to announce that SVP Sacramento has joined the leadership team of this collaborative in an effort to build and expand pathways into the Del Paso Heights neighborhood as it relates to our strategic objectives. We are focusing on how we can develop pathways to high-need job opportunities in our public sector that create above-living way job opportunities for our youth.

In this working meeting we discussed successes that took place in February and introduced new members to the work we are doing. From there the group was addressed by Aaron Wilcher the Director of the Centers of Excellence, at the CA Community Colleges, Los Rios Community College District. He updated the group about research he and his team are working on that will support our efforts in clearly identifying where the needs are in our public sector and how we can efficiently and effectively train students for these careers.

Concluding this part of the session we broke into two working groups tackling different strategic goals and objectives outlined by the IPPS leadership team. The two working groups created and reported back on were:

  1. Developing an IPPS Summit

  2. Aligning and Advancing Curriculum related to a specific financial analyst pathway

If you are interested in learning more please visit the Innovative Pathways to Public Service website or email our executive director, Cameron Law at

Cameron Law