What IF Conference!


On, February 6th, the Impact Foundry ran their 3rd annual What IF Conference. This full-day conference focused on “Creating Sustainable Community Change.” They broke down the day into workshops, a keynote, more workshops, and a keynote panel.

The day was full of content and community building as nonprofits, philanthropists, corporates, and community members engages with one another. The workshops offered at the conference were:

  • What do you mean it’s taxable? We’re tax exempt!

  • Golf: The contact sport for business & for life

  • Trends in Philanthropy

  • Cannabis: Is it a potential partner with your cause?

  • Words matter: Achieving goal begin with the power of narrative

  • Introduction to Project Management

  • Engaging Millennials Through a Strength-Based Approach

  • Harnessing the Power of Volunteers: Boosting Capacity and Increasing Efficiency

One of our SVP Board Members, Jessica Hubbard, led the Trends in Philanthropy workshop. We were excited to have one of our partners and board members lead the conversation on philanthropy. She talked about the way in which different generations give, the giving amongst individuals, corporates, and foundations, as well as the use of technology in garnering new donors.

The keynote speech was delivered by Dan Pallotta who spoke about the reasoning behind why the nonprofit sector has remained at 2% of GDP. He outlined 5 core reasons which were:

  1. Rewards for Nonprofit Leaders

  2. Lack of Ability to Invest in Marketing & Advertising

  3. Lack of Ability to Take Risks

  4. Time

  5. Don’t Have Profit as an Attractor for Capital

If you have not heard Dan’s Ted Talk we highly recommend watching. You can view his Ted Talk here.

Cameron Law