Digital Skills Initiative Update 3.0


On, February 8th, 10+ organizations convened for the third working session to discuss digital literacy, fluency, skill building, and inclusion & equity. The session started with a recap of the Digital Inclusion Summit that took place back in January. We discussed the working groups that formed at the summit and how this group correlated with the resource mapping team generated at the summit.

After recapping the summit, the organizational representatives delve into discussion around all things digital. We discussed the challenges we each were trying to address as well as the solutions we saw fit in order to overcome these challenges. In doing so, we identified that as a working group we each were bringing our own unique lens of what digital literacy and skill building were.

The varying perspectives were:

  • Inclusion and ensuring access to technology

  • Generating a prepared workforce for technology jobs

  • Generating a baseline prepared workforce for the 21st Century

  • Basic digital skills to engage and thrive in the 21st Century economy and democracy

SVP Sacramento seeks to develop a framework and understanding for programs and services that deliver the greatest impact with regards to obtaining digital skills. Thus, allowing us to invest resources appropriately to ensure that our students receive the greatest programming with regards to obtaining tangible skills in the digital space for the 21st Century of work. We then can use this as an alignment mechanism ensuring that a focus on outcomes and impact are at the forefront of all investments in the philanthropic space.

As a convening body a key next step will be to develop goals and alignment on how we best can recognize whether or not organizations are indeed running superior digital skills programs. This will allow us to scale and plug in programmatic experts where they are needed.

Cameron Law