Preparing Greater Sacramento for the Future of Work (Greater Sacramento Economic Council Repost)


Preparing Greater Sacramento for the Future of Work
Greater Sacramento Economic Council recently led a regional effort, with partners such as Sierra Health Foundation, Valley Vision, Sacramento State, City of Sacramento, Mutual Assistance Network, Sacramento Metro Chamber and Social Venture Partners, to apply for the JPMorgan & Chase Co. Advancing Cities Grant.  

The application, entitled Preparing Greater Sacramento for the future of work, addresses a challenge critical to our region: A lack of an integrated regional strategy to prepare communities for the future of work, along with a lack of aligned workforce programs that address regional skills gaps in high demand middle skills jobs, has resulted in an absence of clear pathways and preparation for work and careers for many — particularly in the region’s disadvantaged communities.  

AdvancingCities is a $500 million, five-year initiative to invest in solutions that bolster the long-term vitality of the world’s cities and the communities within them that have not benefited from economic growth. This year, the AdvancingCities Challenge will make investments of up to $3 million in 4–6 cities to support creative, collaborative and sustainable solutions that address cross-cutting challenges to help more people benefit from a growing economy. JPMorgan & Chase Co. will announce the first round of funding in the spring of 2019. 

Cameron Law