Innovative Pathways To Public Service - Phase 1


The Innovative Pathways to Public Service (IPPS) A-Team convened for the last time this year to share with one another the successful pilots and infrastructure generated during Phase I of our work (2018).

One of the groups within IPPS built a career exploration day that took 30+ students from Carver High School through various departments within Sacramento County. This opportunity provided an in-depth exposure to various jobs within the public sector. The various speakers on the day spoke about why they do the work that they do and how they got to where they are today. This provided the students with an even deeper insight into this employment pathway and the steps necessary to get there.

Another group within IPPS connected with a local association called NxtGov to build video content around youth working in this space. The videos tell a story about launching into a career in public service and how rewarding the experience can be. This content will help deepen our efforts in building pathways to public service job opportunities as it will serve as the needed content to market to today’s youth.

Lastly, the final pilot run within this group supported 20 foster youth in developing & honing workforce skills by taking them through a 32 hour training program while also connecting them to 240 hours of paid work experience within the public sector.

The workplace skills gained were (not limited to):

  • Resume, Cover Letter, & Application Process

  • Interview Basics

  • 21st Century Job Search Skills

  • New World of Work Skills: Adaptability, Resilience,Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Empathy, Communication, & Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Civic Engagement

  • Digital Fluency

  • Financial Literacy

As we prepare to launch into Phase II after the New Year, the infrastructure built by a combination of teams will allow a sustained effort on these initiatives. This group supported in creating a Kumu map which identifies key stakeholders within the ecosystem and provides strategic entry points in expanding/scaling these initiatives.

Cameron Law