SVP Fast Pitch 2019: Messaging Workshop, Panel Discussion, & Networking Session


On December 17th, we were excited to come together again for our 2nd SVP Fast Pitch workshop. This workshop was led by one of our SVP Partners and Fast Pitch committee members, Jay Thomas, which focused on Messaging and Strategy. Jay is a Principal at Thomas | Ferrous, which is a local marketing company. Jay initially took the cohort through ways in which the SVP Fast Pitch platform can be leveraged. He spoke to opportunities like the Council for Giving and how having their “Fast Pitch” prepared and honed will allow them to capitalize on the opportunity. He then demonstrated how to build a powerful and impactful “Fast Pitch” by deconstructing last year’s winner, 3 Strands Global Foundation’s, pitch. He also spoke to the power of building out your foundational 3-min pitch as it will be a baseline in which you can pair down to a 30-sec pitch or add on for a 30-min presentation.

In addition to our workshop, we held a panel discussion of past participants that spoke to their experience of going through the Fast Pitch program and impacts they saw after.


Our Panelists:

Our panel was moderated by SVP Partner and Fast Pitch committee member, Elfrena Foord. We were thrilled to see the interaction between the panelists and this year’s cohort as the cohort asked focused questions and leveraged the prior participants knowledge and experience.

We concluded the evening with a networking session between this year’s Fast Pitch coaches and cohort. It was a great opportunity for the nonprofit leaders in the cohort to connect with the coaches and vice versa. They began building relationships that will lead to a more fruitful process and create a sustained movement around telling their story in the future.

“All nonprofits have a story. SVP Fast Pitch helps them tell it.”

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Cameron Law