SVP Fast Pitch 2019: Data Workshop


Its official SVP Fast Pitch 2019 is underway!

We were excited to kick-off this year’s program with a data workshop ran by John Bissell, CEO of Origin Materials. The purpose of the workshop was to support our cohort in building a foundational layer around impact metrics. John took the cohort through the value of understanding one’s impact metrics and indicators as well as through a series of questions that supported them in honing what their impact is.

We were excited to see how deeply engaged our nonprofit partners were in trying to drill down to tangible impact metrics. This process is not easy, but proved to be fruitful as many of the nonprofit leaders found ah-hah moments in working through a series of questions.

The questions John asked in drilling down their metrics were:

  1. What is your impact?

  2. Why is your way the best way?

  3. How do you know?

Understanding impact takes a deep level of critical thinking and with great pleasure we heard and saw our cohort go through this process and identify their impacts. We are looking forward to our next session as one of our SVP Partners & Fast Pitch Committee Members, Jay Thomas, takes the floor in running a workshop on messaging one’s story.

“All nonprofits have a story. SVP Fast Pitch helps them tell it.”

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Cameron Law