Workforce Accelerator Fund - Community of Practice


On Nov. 9th, SVP Sacramento was excited to join a few local organizations, the Institute for Local Government, PowerMinds, & Align Capital Region, at the CA Workforce Development Board - Workforce Accelerator Fund Community of Practice Summit.

At this summit the grantees of the Workforce Accelerator Fund 1.0 to 6.0 came together to share best practices and stories of impact. The day was full of innovation and impact from the breakout workshops to the insightful panel discussions and keynotes.

At the regional breakout sessions we discussed challenges and opportunities to create systems level change through current and future initiatives. Much of the conversation led to the need for more ecosystem building and greater connectivity amongst various institutions such as academic institutions, nonprofits, employers, and local governments. A first step in breaking down the silos in our ecosystems is to first acknowledge they exist and proceed in connecting the dots to efficiently and effectively support our communities.

In addition to our conversations around ecosystem building, we also discussed the need to focus on inclusivity and promoting equity through economic justice. A common thread identified amongst the organizations and institutions in attendance was the value workforce development can have in promoting upward mobility and creating economic security for our communties and regions. Five factors to creating upward mobility identified by the keynote speaker from PolicyLink were: 1) Quality Primary School 2) Access to Higher Education (Certification Pathways) 3) Social Capital 4) Family Stability 5) Residential System.

All in all, it was a great opportunity to engage with other nonprofits and community collaboratives that are seeking to create lasting and sustainable impact through workforce development and educational attainment.

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Cameron Law