SVP Fast Pitch 2018 - Mayor's Award!


In our 2018 SVP Fast Pitch program and event, we were proud to partner with the City of Sacramento in offering our 1st ever Mayor’s Award, which provided the opportunity for 1 of our 10 finalists to be selected by Mayor Steinberg and the City’s Civic Engagement Team to share their impact within the community. This award lined up with the City’s initiative to increase civic engagement, which was called Sac Gives Back.

The winner of this award was 3Strands Global Foundation who also walked away with the 1st Place prize of $15,000. The Mayor’s Award came to fruition on Oct. 18th when Ashlie Bryant, President & CEO of 3Strands Global Foundation, conducted a now state mandated training on human trafficking with teachers and administrators at Twin Rivers Unified School District. During this training session Mayor Steinberg addressed the teachers and administrators and spoke about human trafficking and the negative impact it has on our City.

After addressing Twin Rivers Unified, the Mayor had the opportunity to sit down with four amazing young individuals who have been a part of 3Strands’ Employment and Reintegration program and hear their stories. While in the Assembly Lounge of the Golden 1 Center, they shared with the Mayor their dream of becoming entrepreneurs and engineers and how this program impacted their lives. They all are currently working at the Golden 1 Center in collaboration with another nonprofit partner, JUMA Ventures (2018 SVP Fast Pitch Finalist).

Thank you, Mayor Steinberg and the Civic Engagement Team for your efforts in coordinating and recognizing 3Strands Global Foundation for their efforts in combating human trafficking.

Cameron Law