Regional Digital Literacy Initiative


At the tail-end of 2017, a collaborative of Greater Sacramento Economic Council, Sacramento Metro Chamber, and Sacramento Council of Governments and led by Valley Vision reached out to the Brookings Institution to conduct a regional economic stress test. A major finding shown in their report was a digital divide which has key implications on our promoting and inclusive workforce and economy.

A number of regional organizations came together to begin discussion around coming together and creating a comprehensive scaleable Digital Literacy Initiative. This conversation was only a beginning in which we hope to engage as many community and regional stakeholders as possible from here on out.

Some of the key takeaways round the digital divide and literacy challenge were:

  • Digital equity is a combination of factors which are - Economic, Quality of Life, and Civic Cultural Engagement. A leader in addressing this space is the National Digital Inclusion Alliance.

  • The digital divide is two-pronged as it speaks to a skills gap as well as an access gap. Therefore, in addressing the challenge we must address both digital skills acquisitions as well as accessibility to technology resources (devices, proper bandwidth, etc.).

  • Digital literacy is a workforce skill that will cross-cut all sectors and industries. Research done by Valley Vision identified that some of our regions hardest to fill jobs are those that have high-digital skill competencies. Additionally, event some of our entry level jobs are calling for digital literacy components and will only continue to become more prevalent.

Thank you Valley Vision for hosting and providing a plethora of initial research around the digital literacy challenge. If you are interested in digital literacy or are working in the space please reach out to to get involved.

Organizations Present:

  • California Environmental Technology Education Network

  • Doris Matsui’s Office

  • Future Ready

  • Power Minds

  • Sacramento Public Library

  • Sacramento State

  • SETA

  • Social Venture Partners of Sacramento

  • Valley Vision

Cameron Law