SVP Philanthropist Development Workshop 2.0


We were excited to run our 2nd SVP Philanthropist Development workshop. Jessica Hubbard one of our board members, led the group of nonprofit leaders and funders in an interactive session around “Building Relationships in the Social Sector.” The participants in this workshop found the content to be challenging as it forced us to think critically about how we cultivate, maintain, and sustain relationships.

The workshop had a variety of interactive exercises, which addressed areas such as:

  • Listening (Being thoughtful and present in our conversations_

  • Identifying Trust Factors (Tolerance of Risk, Perception of Competence/Ability, Group Membership, and Power/Authority)

Some key takeaways from our attendees were:

  • Identifying the differences between “new” vs. “old” relationships and the actions that can serve to build trust or deter it.

  • The mindfulness that it is necessary to nurture new and older relationships equally.

  • The role power (having or not having positional power) can have on building or influencing trust.

  • The need to observe diverse perspectives of leaders in action.

Thank you for all those that attended this workshop and a huge thank you to Jessica for running another engaging and fruitful workshop.