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SVP 2023 Impact Fund 


Social Venture Partners
2023 Impact Fund

2023 Fund Objective

To ensure every student in the Greater Sacramento Region is on a clear pathway to economic security and workforce readiness.

Children in Science Class

The SVP100: We are seeking 100 Fund Partners in 2023 to join us in raising $200,000 for 20 nonprofits in the Greater Sacramento region. Join us!

College Students

Become a 2023 Impact Fund Partner

Each year, SVP leadership determines the mission of the annual investment fund. Our partner community comes together to pool funds through various levels of annual contributions. We use those funds to create multiple moments through the year which are unique and fun ways to build up our nonprofit partners in the Greater Sacramento region.

A Three Phase Approach with Big Regional Impact


Phase One

We will kick off the Fast Pitch season with a golf tournament and Partner Vision Dinner to support and highlight 18 inspiring nonprofits.


Phase Two

Our annual Fast Pitch event is one of the year's highlights in the region, and always an inspiring evening.


Phase Three

We will select one nonprofit from the cohort to invest into a major multi-year project to further accelerate the impact.

What Will the Impact Fund Do?

We bring community impact investors (SVP Partners) into a multi-stage process to create leveraged value and a ripple effect through the nonprofit sector in Greater Sacramento. We begin with a broad outreach to nonprofits and work with our partners to select 18 vetted organizations to showcase. Our Partners then narrow the field down to ten nonprofits which go through a three month process to hone their pitch for our annual Fast Pitch event. One nonprofit is then selected as the recipient of an annual ‘investment’ of unrestricted funding for a major project that further achieves the stated mission of the annual SVP Investment Impact Fund.

Impact Fund Vision from
SVP Executive Director

Happy Team Posing

Phase 1: Launch

We will select 18 nonprofits to showcase their mission to our Partners at our Fast Pitch Launch Golf Tournament. Our Partners will nominate the top ten to move into Phase Two of the SVP annual impact investment round. Each nonprofit participating in Phase One will receive a donation for participating.


2023 Fast Pitch Launch Golf Tournament

August 28, 2023  Serrano Country Club 

20 Nonprofits ~
$20,000 grants

Phase 2: Pitch

The ten selected nonprofits will be paired with SVP Partner coaches to develop their pitch over a several month process. Phase Two will culminate at our annual Fast Pitch event at the end of the year. Over $100,000 is expected to be invested into these ten nonprofits. 


2023 Fast Pitch Event

December 7, 2023  -- The Sofia Center, Sacramento

10 Nonprofits ~
$100,000 awards and donations

Business Meeting

Phase 3: Accelerate

Our SVP Partners and Board of Directors will work together to select one nonprofit for a multi-year project investment involving time and money invested from SVP Partners via the Annual Impact Fund. The selected organization will receive a up to a $75,000 multi-year unrestricted grant from the fund. A SVP Partner lead will collaborate with the organization to establish goals and milestones, and bring in additional professional resources as needed.

1 Nonprofit ~
up to $75,000 multi-year grant

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