Through financial backing and continued collaboration, SVP Sacramento is making a transformative difference in the way our Investees meet their goals and deliver their services across the Greater Sacramento region, resulting in extraordinary outcomes.

Over one year (2012-2013), our portfolio of Investees’ reach has increased by more than 30,000 students.

Reading Partners

Reading Partners is a non-profit literacy organization that works to expand life opportunities for elementary children in under-resourced communities by empowering them with strong literacy skills. At each of their school sites, Reading Partners transforms a dedicated space within the school into a reading center. Community volunteers are recruited and trained to work with students 1:1, twice per week for 45 minutes using a structured, research-based curriculum.

To date, SVP Sacramento has invested $70,000 in Reading Partners, enabling the organization to reach over 500 students in the Sacramento area and produce astounding results. There is an SVPS Partner who also serves on Reading Partners’ regional board, and SVP Sacramento strongly supports its fund development efforts. Participating school principals, classroom teachers, and tutors reported the following:

  • 100% of principals reported school-wide improved reading progress after joining Reading Partners and felt that Reading Partners was a valuable addition to their schools
  • 77% of students, rated by classroom teachers at the beginning of enrollment as having low or very-low confidence, increased their confidence levels by years’ end
  • 75% of teachers reported that students’ general academic behaviors in the classroom improved
  • 75% of tutors reported they felt welcomed into the school community and 99% were satisfied with their experience

“[SVP Sacramento’s] support has enabled Reading Partners Sacramento to grow from serving a mere handful of students in 2009 to 530 students in 11 high-need schools throughout Sacramento today.” – Deanna Berg, Executive Director, Reading Partners Sacramento

Resource Area for Teaching (RAFT)

Resource Area for Teaching (RAFT) is working to provide low-cost materials, preparation resources, lesson planning support, and professional development to Sacramento Educators. By providing hands-on learning activities and on and off-site workshops, RAFT helps educators make classroom learning more relevant and engaging to their students.

Since 2010, SVPS has invested $108,500 into RAFT and RAFT programming, catapulting the nonprofit’s ability to transform the community it serves.

Currently, RAFT supports over 2,200 educators, impacting 120,000 students in the 2012/2013 school year.

SVP Sacramento funding and in-kind support were critical in developing RAFT’s STEM Alive pilot program with public television network KVIE. The financial contribution was furthered by SVP staff ‘s collaboration with KVIE Directors, Producers, and Editing team, resulting in six high-quality professional videos that comprise the program.

RAFT also utilized these dollars to sponsor six pilot workshops, using the new video training format and conducting the assessments, with over 100 teachers. Each teacher received three, 30-day class kits that served 30 students. Assessments were conducted to evaluate both teacher and student learning outcomes.

The feedback from teachers and impact on students was stellar. The program was rated 4 out of 5 and delivered high-impact science instruction to over 300 students. Teachers were enthusiastic about the program and requested further training in science, as well as other content areas, from RAFT.

Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA)

Athletics are rife with life lessons. Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) provides a platform for helping kids become not only the best athletes they can be, but also the best students, neighbors, and citizens they can be.

Following a similar philosophy as Doc Rivers, current coach of the Los Angeles Clippers, former coach for the Boston Celtics, and PCA National Advisory Board Member, PCA values players with character over characters. PCA teaches research-based sports psychology methods to create high-performance athletes and responsible teammates.

PCA just completed its 4th year in Sacramento. Social Venture Partners’ support has helped expand PCA’s capacity for providing trainings. This year alone, PCA ran 85 workshops in the Sacramento area, supporting coaches, athletic department leaders, parents, and more than 37,000 young athletes.

Getting the most out of athletics means encouraging responsibility, team work, and hard work both on and off the field and PCA is excited to continue their work making Sacramento athletes into the best they can be.

City Year

City Year of Sacramento has set the bold goal of reaching 50% of off-track students in the Sacramento region, moving them to on-track and to an 80% graduation rate by the 10th grade by improving attendance, behavior, reading, and math proficiency.

City Year Corp Members work to change student behavior, increase and maintain attendance rates, and provide one-on-one tutoring support to off- track and below grade-level students- and with SVP’s financial support and leadership, they’re on their way to achieving their goal.

City Year credits its existence in the community to our fund development and entrepreneurial spirit. SVP Sacramento’s investment contributed to raising the initial capital necessary to implement City Year in Sacramento. Such support provided the opportunity to pilot the program, gain best practices, and build the framework that would allow the organization to thrive and become a full-fledged structured site
After two years, the positive results of the transformation partnership between SVP and City Year are evident in the organization’s impact on the students it serves. Last year, City Year served over 2,100 students across five schools and saw 95% retention rates in attendance. City Year also produced 30% reduction in behavioral issues and observed 70% improvement in students who received additional support from Corps members.

“Not only has SVP’s financial commitment been critical, but as an organization they have been leaders in providing exposure, leadership development, and fundraising opportunities for our organization. They have are not only investors, they are champions of our work and we could not be more thankful to have such transformational partners.” – Jake Mossawir, Executive Director, City Year

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