Nonprofits We Support

Broader and Deeper Impact

SVP Sacramento works alongside promising nonprofits as together we tackle some of the most pressing issues facing our communities – with emphasis on early learning, K – 12 education, and youth development.

Since 2008, SVP Sacramento has invested in new projects and proven nonprofits; to date, we’ve invested in 12 organizations and initiatives.

Current Investee Portfolio (2013-14)

City Year Sacramento
College Track
Positive Coaching Alliance
Powerhouse Science Center
Reading Partners

Past Portfolio (2009-12)

Aerospace Museum of CA STEM Program
Fit Sacramento
Holy Cross Prep Academy Teacher Intern Program
KVIE/RAFT Collaborative STEM Alive Program
Research Area for Teaching
San Juan Education Foundation Literacy Program
Teach For America
Youth Development Network – Gallup Teacher Strengths Institute

At SVP Sacramento, we take our philanthropy seriously. What we don’t know, we learn together. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with nonprofits, helping them build their capacity and encouraging them to reach even higher and do even more – better. We know making a gift is not enough. We go beyond philanthropy – we partner for long-term solutions and systemic change.

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