Tackling society’s most entrenched problems. Together.

The nonprofit investees with whom we work have identified ways that their organizations could be stronger, and are working with SVP Sacramento to make that happen. Each year, SVP Sacramento engages several nonprofits, providing two kinds of support.

Multi-Year, General Operating Support
We believe that change takes time, and that those closest to the work are best equipped to make important decisions. Our Investees receive, on average, three years of unrestricted funding, and they are free to spend that money where they see fit. We ask them to report on results, not financials.

Nonprofit Capacity Building
It’s not sexy, but things like sound financial systems, effective board governance, and up-to-date technology can make the difference between serving 200 and 500 kids in need. That’s why we strengthen organizations from the inside out – matching them with volunteers with relevant expertise who can help amplify their impact.

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