To tackle the daunting challenges we face in our community, SVP Sacramento develops strategic community partners.

Since 2008, Social Venture Partners Sacramento has invested in the community by working with individual nonprofits and philanthropists. Through our unique capacity-building model, we’ve helped our Investees become more effective and sustainable. SVP Sacramento is continually exploring ways to move from individual impact to collective impact.

We know we cannot solve community problems alone. To create large-scale social change, we need a broader collective impact approach that includes structured cross sector collaboration with shared goals and shared measurements. SVP Sacramento has the talent and resources to catalyze, nurture, and cultivate community transformation—beginning with education.

Sacramento acknowledges that it has a huge problem with student achievement. High school graduation rates are dismal, with California ranking 41st in the nation and Sacramento falling below the state average. Coincidentally, SVP Sacramento Partners consistently rank “children and youth” as their highest area of philanthropic interest. SVP Sacramento, along with many others in the community, has decided now is the time to get together on education.

SVP Sacramento has been working with other funding organizations that wish to work collectively. Together we are developing a circle big enough for individuals, businesses, government, schools, and nonprofits to join forces to create collective impact. This is a long-term project that will take time to show results, but we see this as the best way to promote the future of our community.


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