Greater impact. Together.

What happens if you take the potential of every individual, connect him or her directly to people working on issues they are passionate about and challenge them to make a difference? Through the endeavors of SVP Sacramento we’ve seen what happens, and the results are transformational. The journey begins with you, an individual stretching to your full potential to fulfill the promise of true social change.

On a larger scale, that’s the work of Social Venture Partners—largest network of engaged donors in the world.

The individuals who join SVP Sacramento want to leave their mark on the world, to take their giving to a new level. It’s a tribe of people who understand that we all can have more impact together than going alone.

“It’s just much easier when you’re part of a group like this to find the right people, the right connections, for what you’re working towards. The powerful social and business network of board members is really evident and helps open doors.” – Jane Weaver, Partner

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