Thank You Corporate Partner Downey Brand!

SVP goes 501c3!

We are thrilled to announce that, with the significant investment of pro bono support from SVP corporate partner Downey Brand, we have achieved our goal – SVP Sacramento now holds independent 501c3 status! Because SVP is an international organization with 40 chapters, applying for 501c3 status was no easy task. Without Downey Brand’s support and the direct input of time from associates Tyson Hubbard and Jackie Bolivar, we could not have succeeded. In fact, our final application submitted by Tyson Hubbard required NO changes. That is quite the feat!

To do the work that we do building the capacity of the nonprofit community, it takes the partnership of many. THANK YOU Downey Brand for helping us achieve this important milestone. Your support will be helping us to better serve others in the nonprofit community for years to come.

What does 501c3 status mean for SVP? Well, we can now fundraise in more traditional methods, including applying for aligned grant opportunities. We can also pursue corporate partners who were unwilling to support an organization with a fiscal sponsor. In short – it gives us more opportunities for expansion. We are so thankful to our longtime partners – the Sacramento Region Community Foundation – who allowed SVP to launch and grow in this region.

THANK YOU SRCF: SVP Sacramento was founded in 2008 by Jack & Karen Crawford as a donor advised fund (DAF) of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation. Through a successful partnership with the SRCF, SVP has achieved tremendous growth and impact in the Sacramento Region. Without their support, our growth thus far would have been impossible to achieve! In an effort to expand direct fundraising operations, SVP and the SRCF determined it was necessary for SVP to move forward with pursuing independent 501c3 status. Our relationship remains strong, with our 2018 SVP Fast Pitch application routed directly through the SRCF. If you’re looking for a way to give back with your philanthropic dollars but are overwhelmed by reporting requirements and administrative work, consider a DAF at the SRCF. Their friendly staff handle all the administration – while you handle the important job of giving where your heart is! SVP has thrived with the support of the SRCF.

Founded in Sacramento more than 90 years ago, Downey Brand has a long history of giving back to the community.  Through pro bono work, service on charitable boards, and community involvement, Downey Brand has built a legacy of advancing the interests of the region and its residents. Many of Downey Brand’s attorneys lend their leadership skills and time to countless nonprofits in the region. Their volunteer efforts are part of the firm’s longstanding tradition of believing that helping others is a result of both financial assistance and personal involvement. As a partner to Social Venture Partners since 2015, Downey Brand is pleased to have supported SVP Sacramento in achieving their own independent 501c3 status. Congratulations, SVP!

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