SVP Strategic Planning Process

This August, SVP Sacramento partners embarked on an internal strategic planning process to chart the course for the organization. The process will end in early October.

Missed out on the strategic planning process?  The final results and recommendations from the process will be presented and discussed at the SVP Partner Update & Social scheduled for Monday, October 16th, 2017 from 4:30-6pm. Save the date now – you don’t want to miss out on this interactive meeting!

So far, we’ve had an incredible line-up of facilitators from within the Sacramento chapter. THANK YOU to participating partners and facilitators! Take a quick peek at what we’ve been up to…


Session #1: What is SVP?
Facilitator: Bree Cahill
This session provided an overview of the SVP model as well as the individual programs SVP Sacramento champions. Partners had the opportunity to learn more about the organization as a whole beyond their own role in the work we do.

Session #2: Sacramento & Philanthropic Landscape
Facilitator: Jessica Hubbard
SVP Partner Jessica Hubbard has a strong background in Corporate Social Responsibility. She provided her perspective on current trends in philanthropy, including potential paths SVP might take to chart a strategic path forward. Partners also discussed local trends in giving and the local philanthropic landscape.

Session #3: Core Purpose
Facilitator: Craig Hettrich
As an Executive Coach, SVP Sacramento Co-chair Craig Hettrich has had plenty of experience helping organizations define their core purpose, sharpening focus and improving internal clarity. Craig led the strategic planning group through several exercises designed to pull out our organization’s core competencies and a core purpose to rally around.

Session #4: Prioritizing Projects
Facilitator: Jonathan Kaufman
As Co-Founder of Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies, Jonathan Kaufman focuses on identifying internal roadblocks to progress and charting efficient paths forward for nonprofit and social impact organizations. Jonathan led the group through several engaging activities helping us to identify our most important, urgent projects.

Coming soon… Session #5, Charting a Path Forward, facilitated by Craig Hettrich!

THANK YOU to all of the partners who have taken the time to engage in this process! Mihran Berejikian, Monique Brown, Joe Collinwood, Jack Crawford, Craig Hettrich, Jessica Hubbard, Jonathan Kaufman, Christine Shelby, James Shelby, Matson Sewell, Jay Thomas, Nathan Torinus & Shannon Zajec


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