SVP Partner Update & Social – 7/17/17

In the spirit of further engaging our incredible SVP Partners, our partner updates and socials will now include an internal problem-solving activity to help us take SVP to the next level! At our 7/17/17 Partner Update & Social, we discussed partner recruitment challenges and opportunities.

Over the past three and half years, SVP’s partnership has grown to include 33 partner units (many units are more than one individual). Donations and funding from our partners is what allows us to work with and fund our nonprofit portfolio Investees and partner time is what allows us to complete capacity-building projects to support Investee growth and expansion. In the next year, to see a significant increase in our partner base in an effort to boost our donation totals and ability to engage in the community, we need to see an increase in partner referrals from current partners.

Our 7/17/17 conversation resulted in some interesting and efficient ideas for increasing our partner base:

1. A partner pipeline where prospective partners are grouped by the skills or qualities they have that would make them great partners. Prospective partners would receive priority recruitment status when they possessed more of the desired qualities (for example, ‘known for follow-through’)

2. Ideal Partner Profiles would be generated and distributed to current partners to encourage partners to consider whom in their networks might enjoy the SVP engagement opportunity

3. Expand partner on-boarding process to include additional information on how to recruit new SVP Partners

4. Determine a ‘big vision’ and make sure all current partners understand and are excited about that vision (TBD during our upcoming strategic planning process)

5. Create a partner to new partner buddy system to immediately engage incoming partners

This conversation provided a starting point for our much larger conversation around the internal SVP Sacramento vision going forward. Interested in setting that vision? Join our upcoming strategic planning process (August 2017-October 2017). Email Bree for more info.

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