SVP KIDS & TEENS with RedRover at SPCA

March 18th, 2017


SVP KIDS and SVP TEENS visited the SPCA to learn more about both the SPCA and RedRover. Once again, they had an incredible experience; they visited the SPCA and RedRover in 2016 and ended up granting $1,000 to RedRover!

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the SPCA crew and had the opportunity to learn more about how the SPCA helps pets find homes and how RedRover helps pets and their owners in crisis. RedRover provides emergency shelter support to communities, including support efforts in CA when the Orville Dam Spillway was in danger of flooding local communities. The SPCA takes in pets without homes – including pets who can no longer have homes due to owners relocating or being placed somewhere where pets are not allowed. They find permanent homes for the pets.

IMG_2956After an explanation of the organization, SVP KIDS and TEENS got a full tour of the facility, including the kitten and puppies room where both TEENS and KIDS tried to convince us they should take a new friend home!

SVP KIDS and TEENS helped design shelters where animal concerns were prioritized and created “adopt me” sheets talking more about a pets’ personality than their look or age. Each KID and TEEN had the chance to spend time with their chosen ‘pet’ to learn more about them and to help them get adopted by highlighting their good side.

Once again, SVP KIDS and TEENS had a wonderful time at the SPCA with RedRover!

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