SVP Kids & Teens Strategy Social!

Our SVP Kids & Teens gathered with one of our 2018 Fast Pitch semifinalists, Team Giving, to lay the foundation of the next year’s (2018-2019) program. SVP board member, Monique Brown facilitated a conversation with our youth and identified internal and external goals for the program. The goals were a result of a hands-on process in which the teens identified parts of the program that they either wanted to Stop, Start, or Keep.

We are focusing on four major areas:

  1. Marketing
  2. Communication
  3. Organization Outreach
  4. Engagement & Impact

After developing some goals and structure around our program the teens stepped up in their leadership and assumed roles to ensure these goals would be met. The teens decided on taking a flat organizational structure approach.

Teen Leadership:

  1. Madi McKim – Marketing
  2. Lauren McLane – Communication
  3. Michelle Brown, Heather Brown as Support – Organizational Outreach
  4. Valarie Brown, Sasha Brown as Support – Engagement & Impact

The kids and teens are excited to explore new volunteer opportunities in partnership with Team Giving. The ideas for volunteer projects were numerous, but the three that rose to the top were:

  • Education Programs: Reading Opportunities
  • Animal Welfare Programs: SPCA
  • Environmental Programs: American River & Nature Park Cleanups

If you are interested in learning more or getting your kid/teen involved please reach out to for more information!

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