SVP Kids & Teens – ReCreate

March 3rd, 2018

SVP Kids & Teens had the opportunity to visit ReCreate in Roseville. This opportunity to tour ReCreate opened our eyes to the tremendous amount of goods that we throw away which can be repurposed for art and other creative purposes. We used this tour to observe and consider how we as a group might support their efforts and mission of “reducing waste in our community and inspiring others to do the same through art, education, and imagination.”

We learned that by identifying the life cycle of goods we can begin to reframe the components we use in building goods to create less waste. They informed us of their summer program which sparked interest from the group. The summer program is a 2-week camp that allows campers to undertake the design thinking process as they develop key maker and entrepreneurial skills in developing a prototype from start to finish.

The SVP Kids & Teens supported ReCreate by putting together model prototypes that would be used in the various art classes offered by ReCreate. We gained tremendous insight into the life cycle of the products that we used in our day to day and identified ways in which they can be repurposed for art.

Thank You ReCreate for an exciting and insightful outing!


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