SVP Fast Pitch 2018: Pitch Session #1

January 11th, 2018

IMG_4873We are thrilled to announce that SVP Fast Pitch competition has officially begun. The 2018 cohort came prepared last Thursday (1/11/18) as they each stole stage in their own unique ways.  We are excited about the diversity of this cohort as each organization has its unique impact on the Greater Sacramento region. We believe that the variety of nonprofits in this cohort paints an all-encompassing landscape of the nonprofit ecosystem and allows the SVP Fast Pitch program to touch on a variety of verticals within the nonprofit community. At large, the nonprofits touched the coaches and committee members with their impactful stories.

Although this cohort brought it for Pitch Session #1, we look forward to seeing their refined pitches on 1/24 for our Pitch Session #2. The cohort will be working diligently with their two coaches for the next two weeks in altering their pitch based on qualitative and quantitative feedback from the other coaches and nonprofits.IMG_4874

The key focus areas for the nonprofits in refining their pitches are:

  1. 1. More specific and concise ask
  2. 2. More emotion and storytelling
  3. 3. Tie programmatic details into pitch
  4. 4. Confidence on stage

Thank you, to all of our coaches as your insights and support will elevate the nonprofits’ stories and impact within the community! We would also like to thank the nonprofits for their raw emotion and willingness to take the stage and share their story with the community. We look forward to seeing the growth in our cohort’s story telling ability on 1/24. Stay tuned for more action!

Nonprofits have a story to tell, SVP Fast Pitch helps them tell it!

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