1. What are the benefits of investing with SVP instead of directly with a non-profit focused on education?
When you invest with SVP, we vet our portfolio of non-profits for you. Your financial contribution goes towards an organization making a measurable impact in area education. Investee organizations get both monetary and capacity building support- so your dollar goes further. An SVP Partner serves on the board of each of our Investees- so you stay connected to our entire portfolio of organizations.

2. How do I know if SVP is right for me?
If you are passionate about making a difference, excited to connect with likeminded philanthropists, or simply ready to be more engaged in the Sacramento community, SVP is right for you. There are a variety of ways that SVP Partners are making a difference every day, from financial investment to providing direct capacity building support to our non-profit Investees. SVP is also FUN- when you become an SVP Partner, you join a global network of 2,700 Partners, ready to make a difference.

3. What does it mean to be engaged?
At SVPS, our Partners are engaged with our Investees either by serving as a member of the board within the organization or by working on a project that helps build capacity within the Investee organization. Some examples of engagement projects include participating in a Strategic Planning Committee, creating a business plan, or facilitating an organizational assessment.

4. How do I become an SVP Partner?
Come to a monthly partner meeting or send us an email. SVP Partners contribute $5000, renewable annually. Potential Partners under 40 or working with a non-profit organization contribute $2500, renewable annually. Corporate Partners contribute between $10,000-$25,000 renewable annually.

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