You want to put a dent in the world, but you know you’ll only get so far on that journey alone. That’s what SVP Sacramento is for.

SVP Partners are experienced business leaders, young entrepreneurs, nonprofit directors, families and private foundations, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) executives dedicated to transforming our community together. Their financial contributions are furthered at the time they invest, and skills they offer strengthen our Investees, SVP Sacramento, and the community at large.

Partner roles are very flexible. Some Partners simply use SVP as a way to make a highly leveraged gift while others roll up their sleeves and work directly with nonprofits as Board members, advisors, and consultants.

SVP Partners make a minimum, tax-deductible contribution of $5,000 annually. Their donations are pooled to fund the local nonprofits SVP Sacramento supports as well as our programming and operations.

And because not one size fits all, SVP Sacramento offers many ways to join.

Nonprofit Executive Directors and Board Chairs are invited to join SVP at no cost when their organization is selected as an Investee.

Individuals Under 40 are invited to join SVP Sacramento as Associate Partners with a reduced annual contribution of $2,500.

Family and Private Foundations are invited to join SVP Sacramento to strengthen their giving.

Corporate Partners and CSR Directors are invited to join SVP Sacramento to amplify their giving and engage their workforce in philanthropy.

Find your fit today!

If you are interested in becoming a Partner of SVP Sacramento, please contact us.


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