The nonprofit application for SVP Fast Pitch 2018 is now closed. Finalists for SVP Fast Pitch 2018 will be announced in February.

Fast Pitch is an annual opportunity for both nonprofits and coaches. Fast Pitch 2018 is off and running. If you are a nonprofit interested in learning more about our current program, please contact

What is Fast Pitch?

916 Ink
916 Ink – 2015 FP Nonprofit

SVP’s Fast Pitch is a pitch stage for nonprofit organizations. Preceded by a 3-month capacity-building process, it’s a chance for impactful nonprofits from the 6-county Sacramento region to work on their 3-minute pitch. Nationwide, less than 1% of nonprofit spending goes towards leadership development and training; Fast Pitch is a chance for SVP to engage in top-down capacity-building for 15 local nonprofits. Fast Pitch is in its 2nd year in Sacramento and is run in 10 other SVP cities across the nation with spectacular results.

How do nonprofit participants benefit from Fast Pitch?
Each of our nonprofit participants will receive a 3-hour pitch crafting workshop. With their first draft formulated, nonprofits are paired 2:1 with coaches from the for-profit world – most with a solid background in either marketing, communications, or direct pitch experience. Through twelve hours of group pitch sessions and 2:1 working sessions with their dedicated coaches, nonprofits hone their pitch, focusing on their regional impact, innovation, and pitch delivery. Ultimately, all 20 nonprofits should complete the process more confident in their pitch ability.

Additionally, 10 finalists from our initial 20 nonprofits will be chosen to present in March at the final FAST PITCH event. Pitching to a room of potential funders and community leaders, nonprofits stand to win funding and in-kind support – but more importantly to reach the entire audience with their refined pitch. SVP Fast Pitch 2015-2017 resulted in more than $600,000 in follow-on funding for participating nonprofits!

Who are the Fast Pitch Coaches – and what role do they play?

PUENTES – 2015 FP Nonprofit

Our 2018 Fast Pitch Coaches have not yet been announced. Look for a formal release in early January 2018. Coaches support our nonprofit participants in many ways. Their ultimate goal is to support the pitch refining efforts of all 20 of our 2018 Fast Pitch Nonprofits. Coaches attend three group pitch sessions, hearing each nonprofit pitch, and provide anecdotal feedback to our participants. Beyond the group sessions, Coaches are also paired 2:1 with a nonprofit participant. The ‘teams’ work between sessions, supporting their nonprofit to incorporate feedback from the group sessions. Coaches focus on three areas of feedback: Impact, Innovation, & Pitch Performance. At the final group pitch session, Coaches are responsible for selecting the 10 finalist organizations who will pitch at the final event.

Finding the right Coaches is the most critical part of the Fast Pitch Process. We can’t wait to share our incredible list for 2018!

Is my nonprofit eligible to apply?

Teach For America
Teach For America – 2015 FP Nonprofit

Nonprofits must be located in OR provide programming in the Greater Sacramento area (Yuba, Sutter, Yolo, El Dorado, Sacramento, or Placer county) and must provide programming or services that are educationally focused. Nonprofits with an educational component – but not education as their sole focus – are still eligible to apply.

How can my company become involved?
Sponsorship opportunities are currently available. Contact us at (916) 834-9002 to learn more.

May I participate in the Fast Pitch event without engaging in the pitch refining process?
No. The 2018 Fast Pitch event is about more than the final pitch – we want to help innovative area nonprofits become confident in telling their powerful stories. If your organization is unable to commit to the group sessions and 2:1 mentoring, you will be ineligible to participate.


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