SVP Fast Pitch 2018: Data Crunching Session by John Bissell

December 6th, 2017Data Man Fast Pitch

Our Fast Pitch 2018 Cohort came together for their first session of the 3 month-long program to dive down into the power of data. This session was led by the CEO of Origin Materials, John Bissell (aka the “data man”).

In this session the nonprofits discovered how to effectively use the power of data in illustrating their impact within the region. The session kicked off with a panel discussion between past Fast Pitch coaches and nonprofits. On the panel was:

  • Jay Thomas (Fast Pitch Coach in 2016 & 2017)
  • John Bissell (Fast Pitch Coach in 2015, 2016, & 2017)
  • April Javist (Fast Pitch Nonprofit in 2017 from Sacramento Public Library Foundation, The 2017 Fast Pitch Overall Winner)
  • Michael Lynch (Fast Pitch Nonprofit in 2017 from Improve Your Tomorrow)

IMG_4205The working portion of the session began with John Bissell providing an overview and framework for understanding the specific impact that each nonprofit creates. In addition, he provided insight into the value of using data in order to deliver their value proposition & message to the community. After gaining the foundational framework, the nonprofits broke into their various teams and had the opportunity to work through the challenges they have in using data to illustrate the impact they create. The key points of discussion amongst the nonprofits around data was how to measure reliable and correlated data to their impact as well as once data has been collected how to report on that data. The 2018 Fast Pitch Cohort found this session on data to be “extremely helpful” in creating the foundation for them to tie correlated data with the message they intend to deliver to the community.

In past years of Fast Pitch, the effective use of data in a nonprofit teams pitch began to come to fruition around the third or final pitch session due to this session coming at a later stage. However, this year we front loaded this session in order to provide sufficient time and insight for the nonprofits to incorporate data into their pitch. We believe this will elevate the nonprofits pitches from the first session on.

Thank you to John Bissell for making this session possible! We look forward to seeing the power of data at work with our first pitch session on January 11th.

Haven’t had a chance to checkout our 2018 Fast Pitch Cohort? Have a look and click the link below!

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