Community Events – March 2018

March 2018

Promise for 10 Years Community Dinner

College Track’s “Promise for 10 Years” community dinner highlighted their founding high school class and their preparation for college. We are thrilled to see their founding class reach this mile marker, but are even more excited to see them go off to college. The students are deciding between a variety of universities from around the nation. Some have their sights on some local universities such as UC Davis, Sacramento State, and the University of Pacific while others are looking back East and to the South. Additionally, three of the prospective graduates discussed the value College Track has played in helping them develop as students and identify their strengths within the classroom.

We know that College Track and their program will work diligently with this graduating class to not only see them through their high school graduation but also college graduation. We are proud to support their impact and look forward to seeing where the graduating seniors decide to attend college.

STEM Nights

Teach for America had their first STEM Night of 2018 at the Powerhouse Science Center. They brought together an exciting mix of kids, families, community partners, and stakeholders to highlight the power of STEM education in the 21st-century economy. This program highlighted kids that are actively engaging with STEM-related subjects and projects at their schools. We enjoyed seeing and hearing from the students as they outlined their projects and took us through the scientific method for their respective projects.

We are excited to see what discoveries will come to fruition as Teach for America’s leaders and teachers provide an avenue for their students to grow and hone their STEM-related knowledge. They are preparing our youth to lead a tech-based future.

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