916 Ink “Magic” Method

Matson Sewell, SVP Partner & Trustee of the Arata Brothers Trust, supported our community partner (Investee), 916 Ink, in identifying how they can make their “magical” formula/method marketable to teachers.

The individuals taking part in the focus group highlighted many positives in their current method as well as spoke to the tremendous impact that their students have seen in partnering with 916 Ink. The group’s educators were diverse by the grade level of youth they worked with as well as the area within Sacramento they worked in.

They spoke to the paradigm shift that the method creates in teaching fictional writing and allowing youth to feel comfortable in expressing their voice. Additionally, the fact that the students walk away as a published author instills pride and confidence not only in themselves but in their parents.

A key takeaway in making this curriculum effective as it scales into the classroom is for teachers to take part in the program at the Imaginarium and see the power of the process first hand. We look forward to seeing the continued impact of 916 Ink and their programs. Additionally, we are proud to be able to lend support in projects such as this.